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Why Fascia and Soffits Are Important

Fascia and Soffit Repair Service

Fascia and soffits are structures on your roof that not only provide structural stability but also protect it from water damage. They look attractive and allow for easy access between floors through openings in them.

Fascias are used to protect buildings from water damage and help prevent mold. There are two main types of fascias: soffits and crowns.

With soffits, you get a clean finished look to your exterior wall or roof because they are smooth surfaces that run all the way down in one direction. Crowns work well on roofs with windows because they can slope into place without compromising the structure of your building.

With the Fascia, your home will be protected from water damage by allowing it to flow outside rather than pooling on top of ceiling tiles and causing mold growth in wet areas like bathrooms.

Concerned Your Soffit or Fascia Board is Damaged?

If you have a damaged soffit or fascia board, it is important to repair it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage will occur. If you are not sure how to repair your soffit or fascia board, please contact us today.

As soon as water starts leaking through cracks in your soffit and drip line, the possibility of more serious problems down the road is significantly higher. That's why it's important to repair or replace any damage to the fascia right away instead of waiting! Fortunately for you Atlanta Gutter Specialists offers professional repairs at affordable rates.

Why Choose Atlanta Gutter Specialists?

Atlanta Gutter Specialists is a full service gutter and soffit repair company serving the entire Atlanta area. We offer upfront estimates on all of our services, including repairs to your soffit and fascia board.

As waterproofing specialists with experience working around these properties, our technicians know what works when it comes time to tackling leaks between your rafters or joists.

We are experts in soffit replacement, fascia and gutter repairs, as well as installation of gutters and security systems for your home or business property. Plus our team has extensive experience with soffit repairs on all types of roofing systems, including metal, vinyl and shingles.

Call us today at 1-877-516-3008 for more information or to schedule an appointment!

Atlanta, GA Residential Services

Whether it's time for a long overdue repair or if you are looking to replace your entire soffit and fascia board, Atlanta Gutter Specialists can help.

We offer a full range of services for all your home needs. Our team specializes in residential soffit and fascia board repair or replacement, rain gutters, downspouts, siding installation and replacement to name just a few!

Fascia & Soffit Installation

Fascia and soffit systems are installed to protect the exterior envelope of your home or building. They are designed to protect the exterior wall and ceiling, and to direct rainwater away from your home.

Atlanta Gutter Specialists installs fascia, soffit, fascia & soffit systems for all types of residential homes in Atlanta GA.

As a roofing contractor, we are able to install your new soffit and fascia boards as well. This can be done by our Atlanta Gutter Specialists team of roofing contractors or we can also help you with having your home's existing soffit and fascia boards replaced by professional installers.

Soffit and Fascia Board Repairs in Atlanta, GA

We offer soffit and fascia board repairs or replacement. Our experienced contractors will be able to explain if repair work is an option for you or if a complete replacement may need to take place after performing a detailed inspection of your home's exterior walls.

Fascia Board Repair: One option is to have your fascia board repaired. We can either replace the entire fascia board or just the area that needs repair. The cost to replace the entire fascia board is based on the size of your roof deck and if you also need replacement shingles or gutters as well. If your soffit and fascia boards are leaking, then we will be able to determine if it is from water getting into your attic from a crack in your roof deck or if it is from a damaged soffit and fascia board.

Soffit Board Repair: Another option for repairing your soffit and fascia boards is to have them replaced by our Atlanta Gutter Specialists team of roofing contractors. Our team will be able to determine which type of material would work best for you in terms of style, color, durability and cost effectiveness as compared to replacing your soffit board.

Don't put off a soffit repair or fascia board replacement any longer. Instead, give us a call and let our team of professionals help you get your home back on track. If you live in Atlanta, GA please contact us today!

Soffit and Fascia Board Replacement

If your soffit or fascia boards are in need of replacement, then we can provide you with a number of options to choose from. We have a variety of different materials that we can use for the replacement soffits and fascia boards, such as wood fibreboard, plastic sheeting panels (siding), insulation board - all depending on what is best suited for your needs.

Maintenance for Fascia & Soffit

As a recurring or one-time upkeep service, we offer an overhaul of the fascia and soffit. This includes repair work to any damage that may occur from age, weathering and use over time. To keep your soffit and fascia boards looking great for as long as possible, we suggest that you maintain them by cleaning them on a regular basis using a mild soap solution.

We also offer a variety of maintenance upkeep services for all the different types of home improvement service we offer including roof repairs, siding repair, window replacement, water damage removal/subsidy claims etc.

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning

As part of our maintenance services, we also provide a fascia & soffit pressure washing service which is excellent for those who need a professional and thorough clean. Gutter cleaning services are also available, but we recommend consulting with our team about the best gutter cleaners for your location before deciding on one of these options.

We are able to pressure wash the fascia & soffit of your home in order to get rid of any dirt, debris and debris that could cause serious damage. Call us today for a quote on cleaning services for fascia & soffit and gutter cleaning!

Hurricane Damage Repairs

Hurricanes are one of the most devastating storms in Atlanta, GA, and they can cause major damage to your home or business! Our company offers affordable repairs for all types of roofs after a hurricane has passed through your area! We will also be able to provide you with estimates so that you can get the right type of roofing services for your home or business.

Fascia and Soffit Questions

What is a soffit?

A soffit is a soffit board or fascia board that is found on the underside of your roof deck. The purpose of a soffit is to protect your roof from water damage and to provide a decorative look to your home.

What is fascia or fascia board?

A fascia or fascia board is a decorative board found on the underside of your roof deck. It is used to protect the roof and to provide a decorative look to your home.

What causes soffits and fascia to fail?

Soffits and fascia boards can fail for many reasons. If your soffit or fascia board are made of wood, they can rot or decay due to weathering, insects, and moisture. If you live in an area that has a high humidity such as Atlanta, then you are more likely to experience mold growth on your soffit or fascia boards. This is because they are not airtight which creates an environment for mold growth.

Does my home need soffits?

No, not always. In most cases, soffits are only required for homes that are built on sloping or uneven terrain. They are also needed if your roof is made of metal, slate or clay tile.

What are the different types of soffits?

There are two different types of soffits – face-fast and side-fast. Face-fast is the most common type of soffit and it has vertical boards that run along the edge of your roof overhangs. Side-fast is found in split-face roofs where there are boards across the entire width of the soffit. Note that some homes use both types at the same time depending on their aesthetic needs.

What are the best materials for soffits and fascia?

There are many options for soffits, just as long as they can stand the test of time. The best material is one that will last without wearing down or cracking and it should still be cost effective, such a vinyl or wood. Metal would be second in line due to its durability but metal might not cost everything you want to spend on your project. If metal isn't an option either and you need something more affordable than tile because it has been proven to hold up well over time if installed properly and will also be cheaper than other materials like wood or vinyl.

How often should soffit and fascia be maintained?

Soffit and fascia should be maintained every few years. This can be done through a DIY project or by having a professional come out and replace the soffit or fascia boards for you.

What Is the cost of a soffit?

The cost to install a soffit is dependent on the type of material used, how many boards are needed and how much work needs to be done to install them. There are many materials that can be used including metal, wood and vinyl. Each material comes with its own set of pros and cons when it comes to cost effectiveness.

Why would I need to replace my soffits?

One of the most common reasons for replacing your soffits is that they have been damaged or are starting to sag. With time, heat from sunlight and other sources causes deterioration in the joints between sheets of metal on a roof and can cause it to start sagging. To avoid unnecessary structural damage, you should call an expert at least once every ten years after installing new soffits if there has not been any damage due to age or extreme weather conditions since the installation.

Can I install a soffit by myself?

No, it is not recommended that you install a soffit by yourself. If you choose to install your own soffits, you run the risk of damaging them and causing water damage in the process. You should have a professional do this for you!

Is it OK to pressure wash soffit and fascia?

No. It is not recommended to pressure wash your soffits and fascia because it can cause the wood to crack. Pressure washing can also cause extensive damage to the wood soffit and fascia.

Get Quality Fascia Installation For Your Atlanta Home

Fascia is an important part of your home, and it can often be difficult to find quality fascia installation services in Atlanta. But you can count on our company to provide you with the best fascia installation services in the area! Our technicians can install new fascia on all types of homes, including commercial and industrial properties. We also offer affordable

Fascia and soffits are structures on your roof that not only provide structural stability but also protect it from water damage. They look attractive and allow for easy access between floors through openings in them. However, these structures must be constructed correctly to ensure that they function properly in their intended location. Our technicians have the expertise needed to install quality fascia and soffit installation services in Atlanta, GA.

For more information about fascia installation in Atlanta, GA, call us at 1-877-516-3008!

Soffit and Fascia Repair Specialists in Atlanta

More than 30% of homes in the greater Atlanta area have water leakage issues. This is due to a variety of problems with their gutters such as excessive clogging or debris. Our services are designed to help protect your home from these issues and ensure that you can use your gutters for years to come. We offer upfront estimates on all our services, including gutter cleaning and repair.

Why should you hire a professional for fascia and soffit repair in Atlanta, Georgia? It's simple: they are trained experts who will get your home repaired properly the first time around. We offer upfront estimates on all our services, including gutter cleaning and repair. Our technicians also offer some helpful tips about how homeowners can maintain their home's fascia and soffit throughout the year to prevent future problems!

If you want a professional to repair your soffit and fascia boards, you need to call a company like Atlanta Gutter Specialists. We’re the Atlanta professionals you can trust for all of your gutter and soffit repair services. We have the experience and equipment to get the job done right.

For more information about gutter repair in Atlanta, GA, call us at 1-877-516-3008!

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